Life is a journey in one chronological direction. We start as young innocents and hope to live long and well enough to become wise elders. Along the way, we experience myriad joys and challenges. Some experiences create wholeness, others threaten to fracture us. Retreats offer time apart for reflection, review, and life integration. Retreats create space to reset one’s life compass to align with deeply held values and passions.

A work-oriented retreat creates space for colleagues to connect at a deeper level, gain clarity regarding shared mission goals, and to address points of friction with the intention of strengthening the integrity and effectiveness of an organization.

A spiritual retreat is an opportunity to deepen one’s relationship with God, self, and community in the context of wisdom literature and spiritual practices.

In both work-oriented and spiritual retreats, time apart for individual reflection and small/large group sharing in a mutually-supportive context yields new ways of understanding work/life and revitalizes our minds, bodies, and spirits.
Retreats may be several hours to a full weekend (or longer) in length.

A Sampling of Retreat Topics:

  • Mission Clarity and Effectiveness
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Life Stories
  • Identifying and Engaging Post-Retirement Passions
  • Brave Emptiness
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Unplug the Christmas Machine
  • Sabbath
  • Mystics
  • Nature as a Gateway to God/Wholeness
  • Prayer Practices

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